Aunty Edna of Duck Creek Pond - Nigel Gray and Lisa Allen


With typically beautiful artwork by Lisa Allen, this is a wonderfully witty story of wise Aunty Edna and two 'lovebirds' – swans Romeo and Juliet. The parents of Black Swan Romeo and White Swan Juliet forbid them to meet, but will Aunty Edna find a way to persuade them that true love can conquer all?

Nigel Gray is an Irish-born Australian. He has had 100 books published, a majority of which are stories for children. He has been published in nearly 30 languages, and has won literary honours in half a dozen countries. Lisa Allen has illustrated a number of picture books including: Mangrove (Penguin 2007), Anzac Day Parade (Penguin 2010) and Auntie Ellie's Beach House (Duck Creek Press 2014).



  • 210 x 255, 32 pages
  • Hardback, ISBN 978-1-927305-08-9, RRP: $29.99
  • Paperback, ISBN 978-1-927305-09-6, RRP: $19.99