Manuscript Submissions

Look at our new and backlist titles to see if your proposed book would fit into our list. However, please note that at the moment we are not accepting any fiction or poetry, and our children's publishing is picture books only.

If you wish to submit a project for consideration for publication, please send a covering letter describing the work as a whole, including any background information about your project.

If we do not wish to publish your manuscript, we will return it only if you have included a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage. If not, you will be advised by email and your manuscript will not be returned.

For non-fiction please include a detailed table of contents and one or two sample chapters. This will give us a sense of the scope of the project and your writing style. Please also include information on yourself, your expertise in the area you are writing about and anything else you have had published.

Please also send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage for the return of your materials.
As a general rule we do not consider e-mail submissions.

Please note that we are not responsible for loss or damage to material you submit. Please send us duplicate copies only. Do not send original copies, especially of photographs or illustrations.

Make sure that you include your return address, and other contact information, including phone and e-mail. Address your submission to:

New Manuscripts
David Ling Publishing Limited
PO Box 401106
Mangawhai Heads
Mangawhai 0541

We receive many unsolicited manuscripts so you may need to allow eight to twelve weeks for a response.